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Nov 1, 2014

Anna University Controller of Examinations to Check the Internal Marks Details - coe1.annauniv.edu

Anna University Controller of Examinations has created the Online Student Portal for all the affiliated students of Anna University to check their Internal Marks which are updated periodically. The students must log into the student portal by visiting http://coe1.annauniv.edu. The student must enter his/her register number allotted to them along with their Date of Birth and answering a simple mathematics calculation.
Student Portal Login
Upon logging in, the student will be landing in his/her student profile tab. Here, the student profile contains Register Number of the student, Name of the student, Institution with the college code and his/her branch with branch code.
Anna university Student Profile
The next tab is Exam Schedule where the student will be able to find his/her Semester Examination Schedule for all the regular papers and also for the arrear papers if he/she has any with Exam Date, Session, Semester and Subject. Thus student can note down the date and session for the exams registered without any confusion.
Anna University Exam Schedule of a Student
Next important thing which everyone must note is the Assessment Details tab. In this tab, a student will be able to see all the current subjects for that particular semester and four Report Periods with all the Subject Codes including theory paper and practical subjects. The Report Period also shows the total attendance period and the total attended period of a student and the corresponding Internal Assessment Mark out of 100 for that Report Period. Usually Report Period I contains the attendance details only. Report Period II, Report Period III and Report Period IV contains the attendance details and Internal Marks for the three internal assessment tests conducted in their respective colleges. The student must see the details every month so as to make sure that correct attendance and internal marks are uploaded in the portal. If any discrepancy is noted by a student, it may be clarified with the concerned faculty members.
Assessment Details of a Student
The Next tab is Exam Results. Here you will find the Exam Results along with the GPA of that semester result for which the student appeared for the latest. It will contain the Register Number of the Student, Name and Branch. The result is provided for all the regular papers for which the student appeared and will also include the arrear papers if he/she has taken which is kept on previous semester and then subject code and subject name and next to it, the corresponding grade obtained on that subject and the Result for that Subject (PASS/RA). Under the result, the GPA of the current semester will be displayed. If the student has applied for Photocopy or Review of Answer Scripts, then those results also will be displayed under the current result.
Anna University Exam Result with GPA for a Student
The next important and useful information provided by the student portal is the Absentees and Internal Mark tab. Through this, a student will be able to see the final internal marks out of 20 for all the theory papers and the practical papers available corresponding to the subject code and subject name of that current semester only. If there is any discrepancy in the Internal Mark, the student is advised to contact the concerned course instructor for necessary changes to his/her marks.
Anna University Final Internal Marks out of 20 of a Student
After knowing the final internal marks out of 20 of a subject, a student can easily find out how much external marks, ie., the theory marks out of 100 he/she must get in order to get pass(E grade) or get higher grades(A or S grade) by checking this post : CLICK HERE

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